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Saturday, August 10, 2024

(Line-up in place by 10:00AM; Step-Off at 11:00AM)

Are you part of a local club, team, or other organization?! Maybe you have an antique vehicle or are part of an equestrian unit? Whatever it is, we would love to have you be part of the 2024 National Blueberry Festival Parade! Gather your group and fill out the application below to save your spot today! 

We'd love to have you join us! 

Parade Map.png
2024 Parade Application

All applications are due by August 1, 2024

This info is very important for line-up. Please give exact measurements and let us know if your entry height may interfere with powerlines.

Check all that apply:

Facts, Policies, and Regulations

  1. Please use the entrance on LaGrange. Parade starts at 11:00 a.m. All units must be in place no less than one (1) hour prior to step-off, or by 10:00 a.m. Line-Up will be at LC Mohr High School. 

  2. Children under 12 should be accompanied by a parent or adult.

  3.  Political figures are limited to Southwest Michigan elected officials or candidates.  Political figures must provide their own transportation and signs. No vulgar language/signs or personal attacks are permitted.

  4. All mechanical equipment must be in sound condition, equipped with a tow bar or chain in front, carry a fire extinguisher, be at the assigned formation position and ready for inspection by parade officials.

  5. Entry and participants must have and be prepared to show proof of insurance.

  6. Philosophical messages incorporated into float design should be approved by the parade committee prior to parade or risk the possibility of parade-day exclusion.

  7. Placement in the line of march in the parade is at the sole discretion of the parade committee.

  8. The Organizers of the National Blueberry Festival and Blueberry Festival Parade reserve the right to deny participation of any individual or organization that is unable to abide by these parade policies or that may be disruptive to the parade, other parade participants, or the festival.

  9. All live animal entries MUST also have someone to clean up any waste they leave behind. 

  10. No objects of any kind may be thrown at spectators.  Please do not throw or hand out candy or other items from a moving vehicle.  Throwing items, particularly candy, draws people, primarily children, into the path of the vehicles in the parade. Obviously, this can be extremely dangerous. CANDY IS APPRECIATED BY THE PARADE WATCHERS, BUT MUST BE HANDED OUT ALONG THE CURBS OF THE STREETS OR ALONG THE SIDELINES BY A PEDESTRIAN WHO ACCOMPANIES THE FLOAT OR VEHICLE.

Waiver of Liability

Parade applicants stipulate that the National Blueberry Festival, their agents, employees and representatives have made no representation, prom-ises or guarantees regarding parade positions or preferential treatment of any kind. All motorized vehicles, individual or organizational, need to provide proof of insurance with their applications. In consideration of inclusion as a participant in the August 10, 2024 National Blueberry Festival Parade, participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City of South Haven and the National Blueberry Festival members, sponsors, co-ordinators, agents, employees, representatives and assigns from and against any and all liability, loss, costs, demand, claims, fines, debts or judg-ments that participant or participant’s members, performers, employees, independent contractors and/or volunteers may sustain or incur as a result of or arising from participant’s involvement in the 2024 National Blueberry Festival Parade, such indemnification to include reasonable attorney fees.


Thank you- Your application has been received!

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